Monday, June 11, 2007


I am really excited about moving into our new apartment. Literally it has everything that we were looking for and more! We started doing some packing and what not this weekend. I think I packed about 10 boxes and that includes about half of my cds (which if anyone knows me is alot). Our move is less than 2 weeks away, there is still so much to do! Pray I don't drive us crazy :P

You might be wondering why this post is called meat? No it has nothing to do w/ my favorite carne asada recipe. It's about one of my early teen crushes....Meat (aka actor Tony Ganios). If any of you have ever seen the early 80s teen sex romp Porky's than you know who I am talking about.

I am talking about this super über beefaroni beefcake in the blue:

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Grrrrr! Check him out w/ out the blue coat...

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And a close-up while we're at it...

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Yum yum! I love his big 'ol Greek schnoz!

Man this movie was porn for me in my early teens. I know it may seem lame by today's standards, but back then I was already wearing out my Marky Mark & Mario Lopez pinups. I don't even remember how I happened across this movie. Probably cable. This was the early 90s before porn became so accessible by the internet. Only you youngsters have it so easy now. LOL.

There are so many memorable scenes such as the shower peeping and the above which involves one of my favorite movie character names ever...Cherry Forever played by none other than Webster's mom Susan Clark!!! Hot!

Enough ranting for today. I should really pack another box or two before I go to bed. Take care all of you out there in blogger land.

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