Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Sorry for the lack of posts. We've been super busy unpacking. The move went smooth (even though we had a few broken items). Now it's just a matter of unpacking and going back to the old place and cleaning up. And yes I still have some odds and ends there to clear out. I hate moving, it's like it never ends!

Work is driving me crazy. It's almost 9pm on Wed. and I am still here finishing up a project that's due tomorrow. Actually I just finished. Just waiting for a ride from my coworker.

Pride was this Sunday. I had a blast, but unfortunately my bum bum didn't. It's largely my fault, and I hope I can make it up to him. Thanks for letting me have fun though. I really needed it.

A few visuals for your enjoyment:

Who's shit faced?

In more exciting news Tiffany is doing 2, count 'em 2, shows in Chicago. And one is actually in the city!!!!

The first one is July 20 @ Circuit in Boystown. Yeah! The second one is out in the burbs at Hunter's on July 21. OMG I can't wait!!!!

In other news after having been cable-less for years I finally got cable again! I decided that I was paying way too much for my phone and internet with SBC, or AT&T or whatever the fuck they call themselves now. So I gave in and got phone/internet/cable through Comcast. Yay! Junk TV!!! It's really only $20 more than what I was paying for only 2 services. Plus it's all inclusive.
Alright peeps I gotta get to a meeting (it's Thurs am as I am finishing this post...).


musicbeing said...

I love my smile in those pics of me........

Chicago_Sexbox said...

Oh Sista M! We were long over due for a proper Gay Pride throwdown? When was the last good one, 2004? Remember getting wasted and walking to Taco Bell while we sang old Thalia fonovisa songs? LOL