Thursday, June 07, 2007

Just Tiffany

I am in Tiffany heaven right now. Her new album was just released this past Tuesday and I can't not begin to express how much I love it!

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What a beautiful effort. Don't get me wrong I like DUST OFF AND DANCE, but I feel this is truly the proper follow-up to 1999's THE COLOR OF SILENCE. Dare I say it...I think I like this better than TCOS (ok so it's a little early to proclaim this...but I'm just elated right now).

Her voice is just amazing throughout and the songs are very touching. I have several immediate favorites:

Hiding Behind The Face
Streets Of Gold
Be Alright
Calling Out Your Name

But I think my fave is This Love. And I adore Feels Like Love the first single. Check out this performance from an in-store she did this past Tuesday at the Virgin Megastore in West Hollywood, CA:

Her vocals are amazing! Again what a great album. Congrats to Tiffany and all those involved w/ this amazing new effort! If anyone is interested in purchasing this or hearing samples check out her label's site or you can purchase it on or or itunes.

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