Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Call me, Slacker!

Sorry I've been lagging on my posts. Life has been hectic these past several days. Rob was sick on the weekend, some idiot in Pilsen hit my car and tore off part of the plastic above the tire, etc. We did not get to go to Milwaukee for my friend Juan's 70s bday bash. Money is tight w/ us saving to move. Besides I spent the whole weekend looking at places, I think I saw 6 in total. We went back last night to one particular apartment so Rob could see it and so we could fill out an application for it. Thanks to Janet for showing it to us via her real estate agency :) PRAY we get this one!!!! I really really really really like it. The location is perfect, size, etc. Being the realistic person I am, I've made an appointment to see another place tonight as well.

So what else has been going on? Not much. Finally got a hold of my landlord to let her know we are not renewing our lease. She was cool, she even asked me what kind of dog we wanted...seeing if we'd stay. Lol. She guarenteed me a good recommendation. I would hope so, I've been a tenant for over 4 years! I have my Chango Macho votive candle that my coworked gave me lit. Everyone pray, chant, or whatever it is you do.

So can we talk 'bout how pissed I am that the new Almodóvar movie has only opened in New York thus far? Rob is ready to have a stroke over it. Hopefully it will make it's way to Chicago soon. I'm ready to buy the European DVD off ebay (gotta love region-free DVD players, get one they are super cheap on eby).

The one good thing is this week is short work-wise. Only one more day of hell to go. Thursday is turkey day and we are gonna spend it at Rob's mom's house. I am looking forward to it actually. My family, love 'em to death, is rather sullen when it comes to holidays like this. But the best thing is that Ely Guerra is Saturday!!! I can't wait. Esperanza you better look out for me!

BTW, I'm adding a new link to my regular blogs I read. It is by Iván from Spain, and his blog is entitled Vida y milagros de un trash-tocado. I happened to stumble upon it while looking for other Alaska fans. Un saludo especial para Iván y para todos mis amigos que hablan español.

I have a lot of work to get done so I will try and write more later. I have to leave by 5pm so I better get a move on it. Ciao

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