Thursday, November 04, 2004

Chug. Chug...

Now that I have some time to write...I must tell you all of my horrendous morning. Being the good boyfriend I am, I take Rob to work in the morning. I drop him off and park in Pilsen and take the blue line (normally I take the Orange line). Well today all is normal...until the train stops. I kidd you not, we were stuck for 1 hour and 20 minutes!!! Thank god I had the newest issue of In Style with me (and my ipod). Turns out a CTA worker broke her leg on the track and no one could move until the ambulance came. Poor thing. Sh*tty for us because we were between stops. It's not like I could get off and take a cab to the office. Needless to say I got in around 10:30ish. Now for some exciting news...

Ely Guerra is playing @ the Double Dorr Saturday, November 27!!!! Tickets go on sale this Saturday @ noon. This will be my 6th time seeing Ely!! I saw her:

  • 1998 @ HOB (De Diva Voz tour) w/ Julieta & Aurora y la Academia (I shouled out for her to sing Quiero verte for the encore...she did. I melted! It was beautiful)

  • 2002 @ Borders: In-store acoustic performance

  • 2002 @ Empty Bottle (the day after Borders)

  • 2003 @ Metro (opened for Gustavo Cerati in July 03)

  • 2003 @ Hot House (last December. I took Rob as his Xmas gift. He was amazed)

BTW that isn't a real flyer for the show, I just designed it for my blog :) BTW, thanx Meiver for noting my date mix ups!


espelina said...

YAY! After a week like this, the Ely Guerra concert is awesome news. I will definitely see you there!

bomitoni said...

for sure!! we can have our twin blog meet there! lol

Bellyflutters said...

your show listing is mistaken as it is not possible for her to have opened for Cerati in 2004 - Cerati was las in the Us last summer (2003)

Beautiful 'flyer'!
xoxo -M.

bomitoni said...

you're right! It was 2003. Sorry about that. I am mixing up my years :) I will fix it :)