Thursday, November 11, 2004

The search begins.

So last night we went to see what I am sure will be the first of many apartments. It was nice cause it was the whole first floor but the bedrooms were TINY!!! The landlord was a little out there if you know what I mean. Let the search continue.

In the meantime I am hawking more crap on ebay. Figure I can sell some stuff and add to our security deposit fund. So here is the link. Happy bidding!

Just out of curiosity...what were your favorite childhood toys? Someone posted a topic about this on SayHey! the other day. Being the future fag of america that I was as a child, I have to admit that these were two of my favorite toys (yes my mother let me play with dolls):

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Bellyflutters said...

I had that barbie!!!!
& I loved it! awww memories...
I had an UGLY small & hard caramel colored teddy bear that I loved & kept until, like, the other day... that my grandma gave to me.

G. Carolina said...

Rainbow Brite...I named mine Reinita- How original? And then there was my red BMX that I got when I passed the first grade...and then....and then...and then...jesus! I had so many favorite toys...but my Reinita was the best.

bomitoni said...

rainbrow brite arco iris!!!! lol....

meiver. i LOVED that barbie!!! i want to find it. ebay here i come!!