Wednesday, November 17, 2004 Zoé

We had planned on going to see Zoé tonight w/ Lucybell...but tickets are $35! We are on a tight budget, so we are gonna have to pass. Sucks cause I really wanted to see Zoé. Hopefully they'll come back. Besides we just spent $$ on tickets for Ely Guerra. We really have to watch our $$ as we are saving up for a security deposit.

BTW that other apt. was too much. Uff! My lovely friend and annointed life-partner Janet is gonna show us some places via her Real Estate agency! Woo hoo! I'm excited.

So instead of going to see Zoé tonight we are gonna hang out w/ my Milwaukee sister and I believe our adopted Milwaukee Sister, Jorge. Later everyone. P.S. Someone remind me to tape America's Next Top Model tonight!!


Vertigos said...


La mala educacion rocks! I saw it like 3 weeks ago...(I posted this also on glennys' blog gol)...anyway, it's awesome, it's the one I've liked the best so far from almodovar (not that I've seen that many)

La Ley is coming here in jan!! i can't wait...and bunbury dec 11...I've never seen him live, should be awesome!

Ivan said...

Hola, ¿o debería decir Hi? jajaj, claro que nos enlazamos en este preciso momento. No he podido enlazarte antes por falta de tiempo. Tienes que contarme cosas de Chicago, hace tiempo que quiero conocer tres ciudades norteamericanas y una de ellas es la tuya. Las otras dos, imagínatelo.

bomitoni said...

Claro que sí. Lo qué quieras saber :)