Monday, May 16, 2005


Well I surived my week in Durango. I say survive because it was torture being w/out Rob (and Chus). Sure it was fun going CD shopping, etc., but it wasn't the same. Needless to say I am so glad to be back.

Believe it or not I hardly took any pictures while there. My batteries were dead, and I didn't have time to charge them. So I used my Dad's camera to take some pics...but I found out that my Mom left the camera w/ him. Uff! Oh well.

I did tons of CD shopping!! I had a list from Rob, plus stuff I wanted, stuff for my Milwaukee Sister, and crap I bought to sell on ebay :) I really didn't buy anything for my friends, just my coworkers. Unfortunately the majority of this stuff is in my suitcase which was LOST by the airline. Fortunately before I could bitch them out they had it already flagged in their system that my bag was on it's way! Woo hoo! So I should have it by 7pm.

I hope everything's in there! I don't even remember what I all bought. Off the top of my head Jeanette Chao, María Barracuda, Ari Borovoy, Betty, Sasha Sökol (the Mexican edition of Por un amor) and the regular and deluxe Mexican editions of Fangoria's Arquitectura efímera and God knows what else!

I am happy to back home in Chicago. I missed all the drama at work while I was away. Thank God! Everyone worked last weekend and this past weekend. Good time to be out of the country. Lol. Enough chitter chatter...I have some thank you cardsd to write!


Vertigos said...


Glad ur back!! We missed u at the Bose show, which btw was awesome!! :)

Sam_82 said...

Is it the "Solo para mujeres" Chao cd that you are talking about?

Martweeka said...

hey bomi
you can see where i bought
the ipod case on my blog if you click on 'ipod case' (on my latest blog posting).

what cds did you get? oooh oooh, do tell.

G. Carolina said...

babe! I got a shit tzu! I am so happy and he's so adorable. Glad u are back from Mexico- how was it? The Bose show was amazing. Missed you!

Ivan said...

El disco de Sasha me gusta mucho, estoy deseando que deje ya el Bog Brother y regrese a Madrid para que termine de grabar el nuevo disco.