Friday, May 27, 2005

Pau Pau

The following are some pics from the Chicago show that I borrowed from the lovely Emilio. I wonder how he snuck in his camera? Hmmm...BTW her dancer...holy shit! He was hot. He's in the second photo (he's the first dancer) and the last one was him shakin his ass! Damn! He pulled down his pants and his package...dios' mío!! He's from Puerto Rico. What do you expect? I swear he smuggled the entire island down there. LOL. Ok the pics for your enjoyment. Thanks Emilio!

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The show was fun. The Milwaukee Sister and I always have a blast and having Frank along for the fun was a plus. We couldn't stop swooning over this skinhead-esque guy in front of us. Oh no! He was a hottie. But he smelled. Fuchis!! Now the was fun. She was horrible as usual (vocally) but it was fun and I loved the clips they had on the big screens. Now my one major complaint was the lack of pre-2000 Paulina Rubio songs. She did do a mini acoustic set where she took requests from the audience. Luckily for us she did Amor de mujer. Eddie and I were gonna demand a refund should she have not sung it. It was fun, but all the new queens kept looking at us like we were on crack as we squeeled w/ joy and I even busted out w/ the choreography. Hello I used to watch SIEMPRE EN DOMINGO religiously! It's not my fault they only know "Lo haré por ti" Paulina and beyond. Silly queens must be educated. Before she was all heroin chick looking there was bad bleach big eyebrow paulina! LOL...

The opening act was ok, Alih Jey. I only knew her one semi-hit, It's was fagville of course. The show was a late one, and I was so tired the next day. I guess I can't hang how I used to. That's ok though.

This weekend will be a drunk-fest as my favorite alcoholic cousins Mari & Gina are coming, along w/ Sylvia and Jesus (aka Paty). We plan on having sangría for lunch @ Café Ibérico and margaritas for dinner @ Puebla. Yay! Can't wait! Have a safe weekend everyone. XOXO.


Sam_82 said...

I loved your post on Pau...i knew you were going to review her Chicago show.

I went to the San Jose concert and was very surprised at how well she sounded live. Specially on her acustic set. My freinds and i were very much drooling on the PR dancer.

G. Carolina said...

love the review "she was horrible as usual". Que joya. Glad u had fun!