Monday, June 19, 2006


It was hotter than ass this weekend. I HATE SUMMER!!! I just can't stand the heat, it feels so suffocating. To make matters even worse we have NO AIR CONDITIONER!!! Hoping to buy one this week. Needless to say I didn't paint as it was too hot to do anything.

Can't really post much as I have a big project I'm trying to finish. But I decided to take a quick mental break. My bf rented Freaks & Geeks this weekend and we had a mini marathon.

I hadn't seen these in awhile. What a fucking awesome shoe. Too bad it was so short lived.

I'd like to join my Milwaukee Sister in helping promote the latest Dannii Minogue release The Hits & Beyond as well...

Buy it bitches! She rocks!

Must get back to work. A pitcher of Long Island sounds so good right now. Is it Sunday???

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Rata de dos patas said...

Hey Bomi,
Im moving this weekend and selling some stuff, One of which is a 1-y.o. window AC. Let me know if ur interested.