Thursday, June 29, 2006

Ride It

Haven't posted in awhile. Gay pride was a blast. We had lots of fun w/ Gina, my Milwaukee Sister, etc. Not standing outside watching the parade was the best thing we ever did! We did not have to wait in line to get in anywhere, nor was there a line because all the commoners were outside. Ha! Quite honestly I don't give a rat's ass about the actual parade. You've seen one parade, you've seen 'em all. A sample...

Float 1: Drag queens
Float 2: Something Political (ie I HATE BUSH)
Float 3: Half naked men dancing to faggy dance song
Float 4: Dykes on Bikes

Now multiply that by 10 and there's the parade. We totally got smashed. I think we drank at least 5 pitchers of Long Island Ice Tea. I lost count. It was so much fun, it was good seeing people and getting drunk :) We tried to go to Circuit after Roscoe's but I was so wasted we ended up hopping in a cab and going home.

Needless to say we never made it to Pat Benatar that night. Sorry boo boo. Once we got home I somehow managed to order Thai food, eat two bites and pass out. Another succesful pride.

So do any of you actually have Monday (July 3rd) off? We have to work and then we're off for the 4th on Tuesday. WTF. I am so annoyed. I am treating Monday as a slacker day. I'll sell stuff on ebay or something.

Tonight we are going to Palatine, IL to see Tiffany!

For anyone interested she's playing at Durty Nellie's at 9pm tonight w/ Jeff Timmons of 98º. You all know I love me some Tiffany, so I will be squealing in the front! In case you didn't already know Rob and I actually met at a Tiffany concert the last time she was in Chicago three years ago! How gay I know, but were it not for that show I wouldn't be in the loving relationship that I am in now :)

So let's watch a clip of Tiffany performing RIDE IT, my favorite song off her latest album DUST OFF AND DANCE:

Have a happy Thursday everyone...

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