Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Why oh why do cab drivers reak? Monday I stayed late to help out on my coworker's project, so I decided I would expense a cab. After getting cash I hailed a cab and I kidd you not, it smelt like he hadn't bathed in a week! WTF!?! He had the air blasting and that didn't help matters, as the smell was seeping into every crack and crevice of that yellow limousine. I wish there was some warning sign or something. Usually I am drunk in a cab so I don't notice, but during those after work excursions home, I always get the ass funk cab. I can't even describe the stench. He smelled like he put on too much oil or something. Eeeew eeew eeeew!

To top that off today I went to use the restroomm at work and I swear someone gave birth to a brown baby when I walked in. There should be a warning light lit when the men's room smell's like ass. Don't know why I am talking about stanky smells, I guess I am just procrastinating about finishing my project. Better haul ass. Peace out.

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Cracked Chancla said...

eww, feeling queasy just reading about it.