Monday, August 21, 2006


So recently the Mr(s). and I started watching Noah's Arc. Can we say I love it?

If you don't know about this show, it airs on Logo and centers around the life of 4 gay African-American men (Though I'm questioning the actor who plays Ricky, 2nd from last, cause he looks Pretarican to me). It's rather light-hearted, some might even call it a comedy. What I love about the show are the characters, especially the most fabulous of them all, Alex. Good engaging story lines coupled w/ great acting make this show hard not to resist.

I guess you could say it's everthing that Queer As Folk was not. But that's a different post all in its self.

If you are like me and are cable deprived, you can catch episodes Logo's website!

On a final note, is it just me or does the main character, Noah (played by Darryl Stevens), bear a scary resemblance to late R&B singer Jermaine Stewart?

Oh and if you're wondering why this post is entitled Boogina? Well you're just gonna have to watch Noah's Arch for yourself.


Chicago_Sexbox said...

oooh Sista M! Darryl Stevens appears in a thong in "Another Gay Movie"! He is beefaroni! Oh, and I have finally figured out I indeed have Logo. I think I will have to start watching this show!

YoNoTePidoLaLuna said...

sexbox, I insist that you cease to use the term "beefaroni" on people who are just toned up! His boyfriend on the show that is Beefaroni! Darryl is nothing.

This show had me rolling around. Its so funny. I know that there's lots of people who simply label it a "black Queer As Folk" but this is not true at all. The only thing they have in common is the fact that its about a group of gay friends. Everything else exceeds QAF. The characters do not take themselves seriously and this show always goes for a lighthearted approach. So far they haven't done anything too serious but I really like the fact that the show wants you to laugh and not preach.e..etc). Yeah we all see this everyday. =

MatadorMexicano said...

oh god, i had a hard on everytime he apeeraed onnot another gay movie! he is HOT AS HELL!

and yeas, ive decided that im going to start watching this show too!

sirm, you quite possibly have the best taste in everyt8hing! ;)