Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Concerts galore

It seems there is a huge influx of concerts in the next few months that I must attend.

Thanks to myspace I found out that 2 of my favorite drag queens will be performing in Chicago Oct. 26. Spain's La Prohibida:

and Mexico's Ego, aka Supermana from TV's Desge Gayola. It's going to be a very very gay show :)

One of my favorite new bands (well at least new to me), The Gossip will be at the Metro next Saturday!

Speaking of the Metro, Kelis is coming as well Sat. October 7.

But wait they're more shows still! The next two will have to take me back to my hometown of Milwaukee...

First...Cyndi Lauper is doing two shows at Potawatomi Casino!! We're gonna try and make it up there in for the zinger....

Exposé is reuniting and doing their first official show Wed. November 29 @ Potawatomi as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG I can't even being to tell you how excited I am about this show. Maybe this time I can actually see them. When I was 12 my mom took me and my best friend Carlos to go see Exposé at the then Eagles Club in Milwaukee. We got there super early as it was a standing room only show. After waiting in line for hours they finally let us in but much to our dismay there wasn't that much of a crowd. Long story short the show was cancelled because Jeanette was "sick". The day before we were able to meet the ladies at an in-store at the now defunct Mainstream record store. Since the show was a bust, we stuck around a bit afterwards just because and were able to chat w/ Gioia briefly. 17 years later I'm being given a second chance. Ladies don't let me down. 1st row or bust I say!

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