Monday, October 30, 2006

Greetings earthlings. Yes I'm alive. Just been busy and really haven't had a chance to post in awhile. Thanks to everyone that's been asking about chus. He's doing really well. Still awaiting some final results from the Vet, but keep your fingers crossed that everything goes well. He gets his stitches out Sat. I am sure he'll be thrilled because he's currently sporting this contraption until they come out:

In other news we didn't end up getting dolled up for halloween. But we did go out Sat w/ Jorgillo & RDDP and had a blast. I woke up w/ a hangover the next day. I didn't even drink that much but the combination of different liquors didn't help.

So it's already November and I'm already freaking out because I have yet to find a hall to have my 30th birthday party. It's a little over 2 months away, so wish me luck in finding a proper venue :)

I've been spending what little free time I have transferring videos to my computer. I have so many to go through still! I did however upload a clip of Alaska when she was on Desde Gayola:

Speaking of Alaska, apparently they announced that Fangoria will be performing at Circuit. When? I have no idea. Don't worry I'll find out more info.

While I await Chava's trip to mixup, I couldn't stand it any longer and am listening to the new Fangoria album El extraño viaje. I'm barely on track until next time!


Rata de dos patas said...

I, too had a blast on Sat.

Cracked Chancla said...

aww, chus. its nice to see he's doing better.