Monday, October 09, 2006

Justo en el momento

Guess what? We got our new mac! Yay! It's a 20" imac and it rocks my world!

We already set it up and now we can actually use our office space that we've been ignorning for so long! Yay!

So while I was browsing on youtube, I came across this video:

In 1992 when I was 15 and was relearning Spanish, I also discovered pop music en español. I would watch Siempre en domingo every Sunday to see who was on and discover new music (well new for me). Anyhoo one of them was the above song, Justo en el momento by one of my now eternal favorites Sasha Sökol :) I've never seen this video and since I know some of you are fans *cough chava cough* I just thought I'd share.

Hope all of you are well. Talk to you soon!


MatadorMexicano said...

YAY! i vauguley remember this song! awwww shash... shessocute! <3

and im jealous of the mac! maybe ill purchase one soon/

bomitoni said...

she looks really skinny there, it must have been all the coke at the time!

get a mac! they are the bomb!

espelina said...

Congrats on the IMac! They set me up with one of those at work. They are the bomb, indeed!