Monday, October 16, 2006

My new toy

Had a busy weekend as my Mom came into town and we spent all day Sat shopping. I'm pooped!! Since we got our new computer I decided to treat myself to something I've ALWAYS WANTED. I purchased a converter to transfer video to my computer!!! OMG it is the coolest thing I have EVER bought. I was up until 2am and I barely got through a tape or two. I have tons of old video clips, performances, etc. from my loser teen years. LOL! So I share w/ you one of my treasures. The following is the video for Duri Duri by obscure Mexican girl group Click:

For even more clips visit my video list at youtube.

1 comment:

cad said...

OMG this is so great! i love this song!! the video, gawd, i dont think i've ever seen the video! i miss the 80's. .errr, sometimes.