Thursday, October 12, 2006

Long Box

The other day I guestimated that my CD collection is now at 2,000+. It might sound like a lot to some people, but I know others who own more. As digital music becames more popular, I still can't bring myself to settle for a mere mp3. I will buy the occasional remix on itunes, but I can't bring myself to buy an entire album. It just seems like an overpriced burned cd. Anyhoo that really isn't the point of my post.

About a month agao I joined Costco and when we were there I noticed that they had Christina Aguilera's latest in a longbox!!!!

Some of you might be too young to remember when CDs came in longboxes. Up until 1993 CDs were sold in longboxes. I know they stopped doing them because they were not environmentally friendly, blah blah. But I miss them! They were so cool! It was like getting a free poster w/ every cd I bought back then:

The odd thing was that any Spanish language CDs came in long plastic cases, and not the fancy cardboard boxes of their english counterparts.

Since I am on the subject of CDs, I have to tell you all about my latest obsession!!!! Basically what it is a website where you can trade unwanted cds for ones you want. And to top it off it only costs $1 per cd (there's a 75¢ shipping fee and they provide the shipping materials). Now I sound like an informercial, but it's really cool and I've gotten rid of some CDs I no longer deemed worthy (besides I knew I wouldn't get more than a few $$ on ebay, so I may as well get another CD in exchange). So far I've gotten about 6 CDs and have been able to complete some of missing artists collections (so far mainly Jody Watley, Roxette, Kd Lang, etc.). It's great for CDs you want, but wouldn't necessarily go out of your way to purchase.

Click here to get any of my CDs for $1

Above is just a sampling of some of the CDs on my "have" should think about joining! It's great!!!!


Anonymous said...

Ohh I had the Spellbound longbox. And I had one for the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack. Dunno where the hell they are now though.

Chicago_Sexbox said...

Sista M, I am disgusted that you would be trying to get rid of such fabulous albums by Luis Fonsi and MDO! Shame on you! You need to reevaluate the importance of male singers in your life. Food for thought. :)=

bomitoni said...

If said male singers would make fierce albums I would not have the need to part w/ said albums. Food for thought :)

cad said...

i'll check out the site. sounds pretty cool. I've finally come to terms of not buying cd's. .then damn tower records decided to close down in dallas and they're having like a 30-50% off sale. Blah, i have no more room for cd's. . but i have mega space on the puter for mp3's.

I <3 itunes, i'm addicted to both. I can't help it!!!

Solens Vän said...

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