Thursday, March 15, 2007

I missed the bus yo

No I didn't, I just wanted something with the word bus in it. So I took the bus yesterday to work. Big mistake. Well it wasn't that awful, it was just über crowded and it took 45 minutes to get downtown. People were just clammoring to get on that bus. I mean I was sitting near the back and at least 4 people got on through the back door w/out paying. I decided to just get over it and keep taking the train. I just have to get my ass out of bed earlier each day. Uff!

Ok so back in January I bought Katharine McPhee's debut album.

I like it. She has a nice voice, the songs are decent. But lately I find myself singing her 1st single Over It to myself all the time...until I went back and revisted one of the album's trashier moments....Open Toes...this song is so awful it's good! LOL! Check it out:

How can you not love it??? Plus she's friggin' gorgeous!

This weekend look to be a drunken good ol' time as we're taking over St. Patty's day for my Milwaukee Sister's birthday. I can't wait! Gotta get something green to wear ASAP!

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