Monday, March 12, 2007

Gym class

So I picked up the redeye today like I always do. If you don't know, in Chicago we have this free dumbed down version of our newspaper that is usually filled w/ celeb gossip and local stories. Anyhoo on the cover it says Dance Fever. So I immediately think they must be talking about the upcoming season of Dancing With The Stars (did I mention Joey Fatone is gonna be on??? Grrrr)....anyhoo apparently it's some sports reference to March Madness.

Yeah whatever that means. It made me flashback to high school gym class. The most dreaded days of my high school existence probably took place on days on the days we had gym class. Not only am I athletically challanged (I of course was the last person picked for gym class at EVERYTHING)...we also had to take tests about whatever sport we were playing. Like what the terminology was, rules, how to score, etc. I always failed those tests.

Ha ha! I wonder how I even passed that class.

In other exciting news the itunes store has a bunch of rare videos from some of my favorite flop artists for sale! I found the video for Ana's dance song Shy Boys

They even have Keedy's video for Save Some Love!!! Now if I can just figure out how to burn these damn things to a DVD!!! I'm working on it.

Peace out.


Chicago_Sexbox said...

it's so nice to have you blogging on a regular basis again.

I sucked at gym too, but being the overachiever that I was (and to a certain extent still am) I always pushed myself even if I looked like a complete fool and everyone laughed at me. I got B's in gym class all my life until highschool when I was finally able to get an A! i was so proud because it was my first time to have a 4.0 GPA!

rob said...

Hey, Keedy's video "Save Some Love" is on Youtube. I saw it recently.
I wish they had Ana on there.
I also saw Pajama Party "Hide and Seek" on there. I thought Daphne sang most of the vocals but it was that other ho, someone named Lynn Critelli or something. and where is Lynn Critelli now I ask?

MatadorMexicano said...

omg! when i was in 8th grade i was a TA for PE for some odd reason. anyway, we had to teach the class how to do layups, and let me tell you... my limp wrists were the only ones that didnt make the shot. it just circled the rim and that was all.

and i dont understand why gays dont like the sports.... i thought of at least three sexual puns in the one sentence above!!!! what else is there to not love?!

Raj said...

hey you - it's been awhile, just checkin in on you! Love your new posts.

Hugs - EQ