Thursday, August 30, 2007

"Oh Honey"

So we had a quickie visit from our favorite californian...Chava! Though his visit was short, it was nice seeing him once again. Last time he was here our visit was cut short by some guy who shall remain nameless (Oh Honey)...

Anyhoo while Chava was here we took advantage and attended the Viva Chicago festival to see Mexico's answer to Hilary Duff (speaking of the Duffster...her show was postponed last Friday), Belinda. We went down to Grant Park and waited for about an hour for miss thang to take the stage (yes heat and all). Needless to say we got there late so there was no way we could actually watch the show from the proper audience seats. While her set was short...this was the best I could get picture wise:

She is kinda dippy, and sang live only a few songs, but it was can I really complain? Odd thing was she performed her hit Ni Freud, ni tu mamá twice, as the opening number and the closing number. Huh? Anyhoo it was fun staring at all the nocas who were there not to mention the scurry pretaricans w/ there even scarier plucked eyebrows.

We did some cute shots of ourselves though:

I'm sorry we weren't as readily available to enjoy your visit properly, but next time we'll have to plan it around some days off for everybody...and we are so going to CA soon! If anything to go CD shopping, meet some real-life Echo Parque cholas (maybe we can even find Whispers) and take a trip to TJ...hello mixup and donkeys?? I'm there! Chus misses his Titi Chava.

Otherwise not much else. Work is crazy right now. As you may or may not know, I work in retail advertising and while everyone is still enjoying the summer (or not depending if you are like me and loathe weather above 65º) we are working on ways to shove Christmas specials down your throat! This week was crazy, but at least we have off Monday. Since I had such a crazy week I am sooooo looking forward to getting my drink on :)

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Coco said...

it'a not even halloween yet!!

where in CA are you going to?

i like my weather to not rise above 75(F) degrees. and that is already WARM!

have a wonderful long and restful weekend!

gracias por tus oraciones y apoyo.