Thursday, September 06, 2007

Dipity Do'

I feel like my posts are growing more and more apart. Sorry peeps just slammed at work right now. Labor day weekend came and went. I had to come in Saturday to get a project done that had to be at our client first thing Tuesday am, so that was a bummer. I made up for Sat as we went out for my boo boo's brother's 30th bday bash. It was at this new bar downtown called English. While the air was broken, I have to say I had a blast! They had an open bar special for $35 until 12:30am...gurl let me tell you...we got our drink on! I had a very nasty hang over the next day. Many a drunk time was had, like this:

So I think I mentioned that a few weeks ago we went to Milwaukee to visit my family and went out w/ my cousins, got drunk, it was a good time. But...I have to tell you about the most tacky thing I think I've ever seen in my life (and I am from Wisconsin, so you know I've seen lots of tacky). So we're driving and I think we were already past Racine, heading into Milwaukee when I look over at this huge SUV and see this on it's bumper:

WTF!!! I mean I am all for people showing their support for breast cancer, but with a f*cking Packers logo smack dab in the middle??? OMG...I think that sums up Milwaukee for me. Tacky tacky tacky!!!! LOL! I swear they must be from West Allis or Crudahay, the armpits of Milwaukee.

So going back to the holiday weekend....we ended up doing something we never really do, go to the mall! We took a drive out to Skokie to go to Old Orchard mall...because I wanted bourbon chicken:

OMG I love bourbon chicken!!! I worked at a mall briefly when I was in college, and we'd always go get this dish on our meal breaks! Love it!!! So since we were out in the burbs, at the know this was coming...the suburbanites were out in all their glory. Of course. But I can't help but notice all the dippity do' boys were out. You know the ones...they look like the Gotti brothers, severely gelled hair, bad orange tans, they shop at Aramani Xchange. LOL.

Enough of my ramblings...take care everyone!


L'Innommable said...

Oh they are TRAGIQUE! LOL

Hmmm... I MUST try bourbon chicken. The photo made me hungry, even though I just ate!

Chicago_Sexbox said...

I'm more weirded out by the fact you drove to a suburb of chicago!

bomitoni said...

hey that's the power of bourbon chicken!

Coco said...

that bourbon chicken looks YUMMY!
but at least it FUN!! : )

take care!


T-baggins said...

I cannot believe you saw that breast cancer/Packers sticker... horrible!