Saturday, September 29, 2007

Fall cleaning

Everyone knows what spring cleaning is right? Well I decided to do my own version which I'll simply refer to as fall cleaning. Why you ask? Well I had to change my blog template recently because the old one doesn't work anymore, so I figure it was a good time to go through my links and do some cleaning.

I've recently found a few new links that I am obsessed with.

The first is IKEA HACKER. I read about this site in the paper the other day. Basicly people send it their "hacks" on ikea furniture (taking a store bought item and turning it into something else). I am all about Ikea. I know some snobby fags think its tacky, but you know what...FUCK YOU...we can't all afford Crate & Barrel or Pottery Barn. Anyhoo...the reason I am obsessed w/ this site is because as an artist (did you forgot I have a fine arts background...I know sometimes I do) I am intrigued by how people are making Ikea products their own. It really is an artform if you think about it. So since I have sooooo much Ikea crap in my house, I am inspired to try one out myself. I'll let you know the results when and if I decide to do something (however glorious or awful they may be).

The other site was brought to my attention by my other half. It's simply called RETRO MUSIC. It has to be the best music download blogs in Spanish I've seen in a long time, as it mainly focuses on 90s pop music en español. OMG it's like someone raided my cd collection!!!! Plus there's tons of rare and obscure groups who never even got US releases but I know about them from Mexican teen rags like ERES (remember Agua Luna?? Didn't think so...). Anyway I love music blogs like this and I hope pretty soon I'll be ranting about this one as well.

So while I've found a few new blogs that I'm loving, I had to go into the "personal blogs" section and delete a bunch. Mainly because they were never updated anymore (*cough*rddp*cough*). I kept the ones up that I read on a regular basis and I even kept yours up Glennys even though you haven't written in over a year, but simply because you promised to resurrect it. Speaking or resurrections, I'd like to give a big congrats to Meiver for giving new life to her blog!

Well peeps I am going to get going. It's Saturday and I have to clean the house (es que no llegó la chacha hoy...uff). Ciao.


Sahumerio said...

surprise! I updated my blog! I felt so guilty that you kept my link and I had not updated the thing that I did a quick post earlier today...for your enjoyment. I promise to keep it up!

Anonymous said...

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