Monday, September 17, 2007


So for weeks now all I've been talking about was the Timbiriche concert that took place this Sat. at the Rosemont Theatre. I don't even know where to begin. First of all, the show looked sold out, which was great because there really wasn't that much promotion. We had front row seats, in reality we were just behind the orquestra pit as that was reserved for family of the band. Anyhoo...the show was just magical. The energy, the crowd, everything was just perfect. Words can not do it justice. Instead I'll show you via pictures (mind you these are just a few of my faves as I took over 300!!!!)....

During the Vaselina segment

Sasha w/ Benny playing guitar

Erik Rubin and guitar

Sasha & Benny...awwww!

Diego and the infamous pants

Rob and Mariana Garza


Sasha, Benny and Alix

"Ya llegó la banda..."

Benny with the Mexican flag

"¡México! ¡México!...m-e-acento-x-i-c-o"

As you can see from the pics we had great seats and a great time was had by all. By far my favorite concert of 2007. And now I can die because I've finally seen Sasha Sökol in person.


Rolo said...

Hola! Thanks for your comment, the concert was awesome, I kept dancing and singing the whole time hehehe... I want to ask, do you think you could give me a couple of their pics??? yours are pretty cool, and mine are not that good... :-) my email is on my profile! hope all is good!


Meivelous said...

OMG Joey! Jajaaa!!
Maria Garza looks like a raton, she has that chipmunkish kind of face.. Rob will kill me.

Jaa jaaaa

bomitoni said...

Don't worry!!! The funny thing is she's his least favorite, but she was there he jumped up and she posed for the picture! lol!

Rolo said...

Thanks! I will be waiting for the link!!

you ROCK!

Rolo said...

Do you have pics of Chus?? LOL ^^

bomitoni said...

I do!!! I'll email you one :)

cindylu said...

You got some great pics. And don't die, please. How else will I learn about all the Mexican pop I missed when I was a kid?