Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Dannii does it better

While Martika was in limbo for many years, I found myself becoming enamoured of a certain tiny little Aussie named Kylie. Now as a kid I loved her debut single (in the US at least) I Should Be So Lucky. After fading away from the US pop scene it was until I was in college (the late 90s) that I rediscovered the elder Minouge. Before ebay and the internet existed, I used to go to record collector shows to buy my imports, collectibles, etc. I would always see lots of Kylie imports and one day I finally gave in and purchased a greatest hits. Needless to say I was in lurve and the next show I bought whatever else they had.

So I was a bonified Kylie fan. Went on and on about how cool Kylie was and that Impossible Princess was the greatest thing since Wonder Bread to anyone who would listen. At the time it had just come out, smack dab in the middle of my Kylie-fever.

Up until about the time Kylie came back to the US w/ Fever I was pretty much a Kylie-holic. Well that was all about to change. I knew Kylie had a sister named Dannii, but I never heard her sing, so obviously did not know any of her material. I happened to hear the following song at a club (thought it was Kylie...only to further find out it was silly of me especially since everyone knows Dannii is the better vocalist of the two):

Needless to say I became very intrigued. Let's just say that my brief flirtation w/ Dannii-dom was about to take on a life of it's own. And it's all because of this song:

This has to be one of the hottest songs ever!! I swear after I heard this song I went...Kylie who??? This song and the album to which it came from, Neon Nights are both electro wet dreams. It has since become my favorite dance album of all time.

So what made me decide to profess my love for Dannii today? Well it's just that last week I spent a CRAPLOAD of $$ ordering all these new imports that have been released in the UK to cash in on her being a judge of the UK's X Factor. Well I couldn't be any happier.

Since we have yet to have a proper follow-up to Nights I guess all these miscellaneous releases will have to do for now. So why not revisit some of my favorite Dannii moments.

Baby Love: Now the original 1986 by Regina remains one of my fave 80s songs of all-time, I can't help but love this early 90s dance take on it that Dannii does oh so well. Plus it's always fun to check out pre-plastic surgery Dannii (when she looked A LOT like Shannen Doherty):

Disremembrence: From her crimanally under-rated Girl album, comes one of my favorite Dannii singles of all time:

I Can't Sleep At Night: This was supposed to be on her follow-up album to Neon Nights but ended up only being included on The Hits & Beyond. Nonetheless, it is fabulous song! She looks stunning in the video:

Touch Me Like That: Jason Nevins and Dannii team up for her latest dance anthem. I love the neon colors, the tacky set, the floating DJ...$ucce$$!!! This will be coming out December 3. It truly is a Dannii xmas:

Just to show I'm not an obnoxious Dannii queen...I too can appreciate when other poke fun of her:

While Kylie is set to "comeback" with her new album and single (which I really really really like); it's hard not to feel upstaged when the prettier, younger Minouge has so many fagtastic musical offerings all at once! ¡Viva Dannii!


Chicago_Sexbox said...

yay! A post all about Dannii. Don't feel bad though, I though it was kylie singing "Who Do You Love Now" too when I first heard it. Silly me. As if Kylie could ever pull off a vocal performance like that!

Lol@ your comments about her new video. I love the fancy and obivously "expensive" blacklight special effects!

bomitoni said...

Dannii does it w/ class!!! BTW my cds arrived today! Yay!!! Today is Dannii day!!!!

Chicago_Sexbox said...

Save some excite for the official release party this Saturday at my place!

oh and one other comment, "Baby Love" isn't even pre-surgery Dannii's worst moment. She actually looks pretty good. You should have posted the video for Success. Now that one is a shocker, lol!

bomitoni said...

That's actually why I posted it...because she looks good in it!!!