Friday, November 16, 2007

Who is this hottie?

So the other day Rob asked me if I've ever heard of a singer by the name of Fernando González. I said no, who is he? He in turn tells me that he is some hot singer that he saw on Museo del disco's website...

Hot is an understatement...he's smoking!! But who is he??? Can't find any info about him on the net. But you know I have to buy his CD now. LOL. Add it to my cute boy CD collection I posted about awhile back. Yum.


Turns out his name is not Fernando González, rather Fernando Gonzalo. There was a type-o on the museodeldisco website. Rob caught the error and found the guy's webstie. Holy hottie! There are lots more pics. Apparently his one and only CD came out in 2004. He's pretty awful, but who cares!!!!

When you look like this that's all you need for music sales. LOL:

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Chicago_Sexbox said...

OMG, he is hot! girl, let me know how the cd is....

Speaking of music, let me know how Chenoa's cd is too.