Monday, November 26, 2007

Ponte atento

God bless early 90s cheese en español...

Now back to our regular scheduled blog post:

The holiday weekend is over. Turkey day was yummy yummy courtesy of Bistro Margot. Holy delicious!!! I'd like to go back for a regular meal when time permits. I did a little bit of shopping this weekend but nothing major. It was just a good lazy weekend.

Nothing new folks. Just chugging along until the weekend. I'm really really looking forward to Nacoteque this Friday as I mentioned in my previous post.

The year is coming to a close faster than we think. I'm enjoying it because it has been beautiful outside, the leaves falling, the cool winds, I just love it.

I did get to finally see the following movie which I'd been wanting to see for weeks:

I absolutely adored Lars And The Real Girl!!! It was a funny & quirky, two things I adore. Not to mention there is something about Ryan Gosling. He's just kinda goofy, and that makes him oh so adorable. But seriously, check this movie out if it's playing somewhere near you.


BG said...

lol! i danced and signed along... oh yes... vivan los 90.

Coco said...

OMG!! Yes, of course, I remember them!! Cheesey and FUN 90's ; )

I'll keep in mind the movie recommendation...thanks!

Have a wonderful week!

Abrazos y Bendiciones.