Monday, November 12, 2007

My time

Ok so I am beyond overdue for an update. Sorry people. I always have all these ideas that I want to write about but they always seem to come to me when I am nowhere near a computer, and by the time I do remember that there was something I wanted to blog about, I tend to forget what it was in the first place. Oops.

So with that said why not share some Halloween pics since I promised my Milwaukee Sister I'd post these. Let me start off by saying that I LOVE Halloween. It is my favorite Holiday. I love getting dressed up, and I love thinking about what I am going to wear to outdo the previous year's costume. Actually last year we didn't end up doing anything and had gone out w/ some friends. So this year I decided to revive one of my favorite childhood shows...

Yes I decided to go as Vicki from Small Wonder. The costume looks easier than you'd think, but I actually put a lot of work into it, finding that damn apron alone was a nightmare but it came out fabu!!!

We went to our friend Noelia's Golden Bday party and I had a blast. Enjoy the visual recap:

Not to be outdone, I must say my boo's Ugly Betty costume was a hoot! Not just cause i helped pick out the outfit.

I have to say I am beyond ecstatic that it is finally fall. Summer was waaaaaaaaaay too long. I love walking outside when the leaves are falling. Chava how do you live w/out fall? Speaking of thanks again for our calaveras!!!

BTW have any of you ever been to Arkadash Cafe in Andersonville? Holy crap was this place good! We attempted to go to some Cuban/Colombian steak house...but alas it was closed...not just that evening...but for good. So since we were already in the 'hood and had found parking (which really isn't a big deal in this neighborhood...surprising as that may sound) we decided to check this place. Apparently the no smoking rule isn't a bother to this place because the whole restaurant was lit up! Yes! The place was dark, the music loud, but the food was the bomb! I really want to go back to this place again. I'm guessing this place gets busier later in the evening because when we were leaving a few more people started to trickle in.

Ok peeps that's all I got for you. Before I leave to celebrate the re-release of ex-Timbiriche Alix's lone solo album on CD I leave you w/ this lovely ballad called Nos podemos escapar:

Bum bum this one's for you :P


Chicago_Sexbox said...

I love the costume! is that show on DVD? It was so corny I loved it!

bomitoni said...

believe it or not it is NOT out on DVD!!! it totally should be. i had to settle for bootlegs i downloaded online to watch for inspiration : (

musicbeing said...

"Hola soy Alix! Yo te quiero divertir!"

Alliiiiiiiix! So pissed she didn't swing by us at the concert. And OMG! Her album is finally available again! I was like 9 when it came out, flopped and faded away into obscurity. So glad i can finally own it :) Thank you so much for the shoutout, I feel love like Donna Summer.

Halloween was fun, my Ugly Betty costume apparently didn't set off flags to ignorant str8 men that I was gay and not trying to hit on their women. I'm that good :)

Rolo said...

Looking good Primo! hehehe Thanks for the message! even though i know she is on a good home, I still miss her :-) Peace!