Monday, January 17, 2005


So this weeked we found a lovely surprise in our home. We got Ben! On top of the counter and in the bathroom, we saw some mice droppings! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeew!!!!!! We are both deadly afraid of mice so this is not good. Fortunately I found this sensor that you plug in to deter mice that my Mom had given me. In our last apartment we never once had a mouse. So I am hoping this thing will work in our new place now that I've actually placed it! Our landlord brought over mousetraps, sticky traps, etc. But being the chicken shit I am, if it does get caught I DO NOT want to see it. So I went out and bought those no see traps. So far nothing. Eeeeeeeeeew!!!!

In much more serious news, over the weekend my mother has informed me that after 10 years, my parents have decided to close their business. It's sad but I understand that it's hanging by its last thread. After my bugging them we opened a Spanish language music store in Milwaukee. While I ran it I had to time of my life. Met lots of friends and got tons of free music. I'll miss it. So with that being done, they are gonna focus their time/energy on doing more events like the recent concerts they have put on. Good for them I say. Since my mother is all about redecorating the house now, she is ripping out the old ugly flower carpet. She has decided to part w/ her cream coloured sofa and loveseat. Naturally she asked me if I wanted it. Hello!!! It's free!!! This is perfect timing because we are both broke from the move and were worried about $$ for a new sofa. Leave it to mom. God I love that woman so much. She's always there for me. Ok enough mushyness. We are gonna go up on Saturday and Cd shop @ Mundo Musical's liquidation sale!

I really don't mind this cold weather (I'd much rather be cold than all hot and sticky), but it sucks having to take Chus out in the morning. Oh well I guess it's my unofficial wake-up call. BTW Rob bought me my birthday present on Saturday (that I picked out). I got Strangers With Candy Season 2 & Muriel's Wedding on DVD!!! So excited!!!

Song of the day: Go Home Productions (mash-up of Duran Duran's Notorious & Kelis's Trick Me)-Notorious Trick


espelina said...

what a coincidence, I am deathly afraid of mice too!

Vertigos said...

OMG! I hate mice too!! that sucks dude!! Your mom is soo cute, tell her and ur dad I say hi (I don't know if they remember me!)...So should I put my shopping list together? lol...