Friday, January 14, 2005

Hide & Seek

My first week back at work is finally over! Thank God for Fridays. Work's been steady & boring as always. Oh well. BTW my bday dinner was the bomb! I love Indian food so much. When we're rich we want an Indian cook. I could eat it everyday! But onto more important matters. Guess what I found??? On my bday I was browsing ebay because I told myself I was gonna buy myself Pajama Party's rare CD Up All Nite. I was expecting to pay $30-50 for it. What do I stumble upon?? Someone was selling both of their cd's for only $20 Buy It Now. OMG!!! Pass me a tissue cause I'm drippin' wet! Now I can have a freestyle throwdown Pajama Party-stlye anytime I want :) Baby put your love on me....

Chus update! He's doing fine. I was really sad that I had to leave him home alone for so long, but what can we do?? He seems to be doing fine going to the bathroom on newspaper while we're gone. Yeah it's gross, but he's still a puppy. It breaks my heart when I have to hear him crying after I leave. Awww :( But it's the weekend and we can spoil him all over again!

It sucks being broke. I have like $70 to last me 'til next Friday (payday). Looks like I'll be brown baggin' it next week. Thank God for Aldi; they are my life savers! Speaking of being broke I found out I am gonna either have 30 or 60 days to pay that speeding ticket I got last month. $230!! I'm have another ebay sale to raise money. What's a boy to do?

So I've been featuring a song of the day for awhile on my blog. I'm adding something new though. I've decided to upload mp3's of the song to share with you all! How do I do this w/out my own webserver? Why the wonderful folks at of course! You can send files up to 1GB for free! Don't ask me what the catch is, it's just the most wonderful thing. Because of them I am sharing the first downloadable song of the day. Someone on sayhey posted the entire Apollonia 6 Cd!! Do you know how rare this is?? It goes for $300+ on ebay. So look for the song at the end of this post. It's a camp classic! Please note this will only be available for 25 downloads and/or for 7 days, whichever comes first).

My other wonderful news to share is that one of my favorite divas and my #1 loud bitch, Mónica Naranjo is FINALLY releasing something new!! Well sort of. Since her last album tanked and the english version was only released in Greece and various other random European countries, Sony is releasing a new best of CD/DVD! It will contain 1 new track and the DVD is going include live clips from the Minage tour. To be released in March in Spain, you can read more about the release here

Song of the day: Apollonia 6-Sex Shooter


Anonymous said...

nice blog!

bomitoni said...

thanks stranger :)

rob said...

i love PP.
Hide and Seek is the best-- there's also a great C & C Music Factory (Cole Clivilles) remix of the song-- I remember when it came out. i bought the cassingle.
Surfing in Babylon is pretty fun, too.

love the first song from the 2nd album-- "I Got My Eye On You"--especially when Daphne raps.