Thursday, January 20, 2005


My Pajama Party cd's have not come yet! I want them now! Lol. Sorry I just had to share that w/ everyone. It's snowing like crazy! I love it! I love this weather :) Especially since I rarely have to drive anymore. Hopefully it's not too bad since we are going to Milwaukee on Saturday. Speaking of Milwaukee, here's an excuse to post a picture of Chus w/ his Grandman (aka my Mom)! FYI, tomorrow I am going to have lunch w/ my twin blog Esperanza, aka Espelina. I am so excited about meeting her! Check out her blog and find out why we have so much in common :)

Did you hear that there is a warrant out of ex-Menudo Charlie Masso's arrest? Apparently he hasn't been making child support payments to his ex-wife. Whatever! If he does go to jail, which I doubt, what I wouldn't do to be his cellmate! This man is smokin'! He makes me moist in the panties! Grrr!!! Read all the dirt here. I feel inspired to dig out my Charlie Masso CD when I get home (I only have Inevitable, damn I need the rest now!!!).

BTW I finally rented Napoleon Dynamite. Why did I not see this sooner?? OMG it was hilarious!! The movie's a bit pointless if you think about it, but the bizareness and quirkiness of the characters had me rolling on the floor. When his brother is all homie-g'd out, I laughed so hard! I was literally on the floor. I tried so hard not to laugh at his best friend Pedro, but what a beaner! And his chach sister! In the words of Jerri Blank, Hilarious. What an excellent flick! I must buy this! Must! Must! Must!

For the song of the day I leave u w/ a dittie from the early 90s from MIA dance/pop singer Stacy Earl. This is her debut single and still rocks to this day! Enjoy!

Song of the day: Stacy Earl: Love Me All Up


Bellyflutters said...

I love Chus!
He's soo darn cute! I'm so jealous!!!
Just wanted to let u know I've started a "Joey-Tunes" folder in my music files for all your downloads.. lovethe idea, it's brilliant :-)

RUFUS said...

te copio la foto para utilizarla en mi blog en el futuro inperfecto. tiene carisma y una fuerza interna desgarradora

Anonymous said...

would love to hear that love me all up song by stacy earl but the link is dead

amiable amy said...

ohh that is too bad for Charlie...he should be responsible to his obligations though

was looking for Charlie pics and I just found your blog