Monday, January 10, 2005

I'm back!

Yes bloggers of the world. I am back! DSL will be up tomorrow at home, but in the meantime I am back (unfortunately) at the office. I have a project to start, but I think updating my blog is much more important. Lol! I already gave a recap of the move/holidays so I won't bore you all w/ even more details. Pretty much unpacked (I think there are like 2 or 3 boxes left). I just picked up our dinning room table & chairs on Friday (fyi the table is really cool...but also REALLY heavy; don't ask me how I got it up the stairs all by myself). Our furnace is f*cked up, the pilot light keeps going out. It's being fixed today. Other than that the aparmtnet is perfect. In a funny note I put too much soap in the dishwasher the other day and there were suds EVERYWHERE! Hey I'm new to these things. Es que en mi casa la chacha hacia todo, ves o sea. Saturday my parents came up for my birthday (it's tomorrow 1/11/05...28!!!) so we went for Puerto Rican food (¡¡Chacho nene!!) and took a trip to Petsmart w/ Chus. My friends Alex & Mario from Mootown came up and finished painting for us. Our bedroom is now this really cool deep blue :) I swear I'll post pics of our place soon, I just want it to look perfect first :P In the evening w/ went to Roscoe's w/ my Milwaukee Sister, José and the Milwaukee bunch. Fun times, especially eating pizza drunk after. Yummy. Sunday we traveled all the way to the far north side because we had a craving for Arby's. Can you believe there is like 1 in the entire city of Chicago? The rest are downtown and are not opened on the weekends. Uff! FYI we discovered this CD shop in Humboldt Park (Puerto Rican neighborhood) and they had so much old inventory. I found Yuri's Soy libre first edition on CD and get this IRIS CHACÓN!!! Milwaukee sister we have to take you there!

So the moment you've all been waiting for! Pictures of Chus!! The first couple of pics are before his haircut, he was a furball! But he kept getting dirty/wet because of the snow so he had to get taken in last Friday to get groomed. He looks adorable in his green sweater that his Grandma (aka my Mom) bought for him. I had to leave him at home today as it was my first day back :( I hope he's ok. He's spoiled to death. He's super friendly, loves to sleep, loves to run around in the snow, he really loves to play and last night he managed to take about 75% of his toys out of his bin all by himself and play with them! First picture is Mommy and child, 2nd and 3rd are Chus in the snow, 4th is Chus and his new sweater/haircut (how cute!!) and the last is him pulling some toys out of his bin (awww!!!):

Once I'm all settled in some more I am gonna do a recap of '04 (music, movies, etc.) and hopefully get back in the swing of things. Hope you're all well. I've missed you all! I'm trying to catch up on all your blogs/journals as well. I think Meiver had a bday...when was it??? Glennys mentioned it in her happy belated bday mamita. Later everyone!

Song of the day: Sobreviviré-Lorena Herrera


G. Carolina said...

You are back! I missed you so much...Chus is freaking adorable. Love it Love it Love it....who wouldn't spoil a puppy as adorable as that? I am so proud of you- almost done painting and decorating. My house is not anywhere near what i'd like it to be but I am never really here so who cares. Happy Birthday! And Meiver's is at the end of this month...can you believe Bad Education STIIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLL didn't open in DC? I thought I saw it would open on the 6th but WRONG! Where the hell do these people live- on a tree? Whatever.


bomitoni said...

hey perra! if u are not dead set on seeing BAD EDUCATION on the big screen, then I can get u a bootleg! they sell them at the mega mall that is a 1/2 a block from my house. we bought one after seeing it and the quality is great (plus NO subtitles!). let me know asap...

Bellyflutters said...

Where's da party?

Makes me severely nostalgic about my baby *sniff*
Enjoy him, they are a little bundle of joy & love... *sniff*