Friday, February 04, 2005

Stinkin' Patches

Our baby was sick! We took him in yesterday since we believed he had a urinary tract infection (aka uti). Our suspicions were right. He had to have an antibiotic shot and he is on meds for the next 2 weeks. Poor thing! But doing much better.

So what is on TBS this morning after I come back from walking Chus?? TROOP BEVERLY HILLS!!!! I LOVE this movie. I had to stop myself after a half an hour otherwise I would have stayed on that couch til it was over and would have been late to work. Mental note to self: buy this on DVD already!

Last night my Milwaukee Sister came over and we had our traditional Taco Smell meal. He also gave me my birthday present!! He got me the Sasha remix single from Spain of La cucaracha w/ remixes by Pumpin' Dolls. So to thank him and share the love, here it is. This is from her latest album Por un amor.

Tomorrow Rocío arrives from Mexico. So I'm sure I'll have some crazy stories to share on Monday. Take care everyone and have a lovely weekend!


RUFUS said...

si quieres ser santa tienes que elegir tu especialidad, porque hay tantas apretujadas en el calendario que una mas tiene que pedir permiso. no sera por vanidad verdad? la especialidad te dara nombre en este mundo disperso. podrias ser la santa de las pelucas de carnaval, no se es solo una idea

bomitoni said...

tal vez tienes razón. pero no es para tanto. es sólo una referencia a la canción de alaska y dinarama :)

RUFUS said...

pues ahora mismo no recuerdo esa cancion en concreto