Monday, February 07, 2005

Weekend Warrior

The weekend went by very fast. Saturday we had to take Chus back to the vet because there was blood in his urine. They kept him there, took some xrays, etc. He was fine. They just made his medicine stronger. We were freaked out. He's doing much better, back to his normal self :) Only downside is the vet can be very $$. My paycheck is pretty much gone from this and having just paid rent. I should be getting back my deposit from my old place any day. So I hope...otherwise I'm fucked!

In other news our friend Rocío arrived yesterday. We're having fun and she is an amazing cook! Rob and I are in heaven. Chus loves her as well, so all is good :)

I know yesterday was the Super Bowl and what not, but in my über-gay world it really means nothing to me. But it made me remember my old crush, former Packer Mark Chmura. That's him to the left. Grrr. I have absolutely no idea what his role was on the team, but I just remember how hot he was. There was all this hoopla a few years back because he had sex w/ a minor (hello look at hime). I remember I was like, damn I'd go to jail so I could be his cellmate. Anyhoo that was years ago (mid to late 90s). So While I was looking for a pic to post, I found out that he was just recently found NOT GUILTY. His trial just finished! Jesus Christ I thought it was over years ago. Shows how much I pay attention to things.

I'll post a song later...hope everyone is well!

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