Sunday, October 09, 2005

Dos Auroras

So last night we attended a screening at the Chicago International Film Festival. Rob and I decided to go see a Mexican film by the name of Dos Auroras because it stars one of our all-time favorite Mexican actresses, María Rojo. Right before the film was about to start someone squeals and we look down and in walks María Rojo and director Jaime Humberto Hermosillo!!!! Holy shit!!!! For those of you who don't know, both are quite reknowned and respected when it comes to Mexican cinema. So after the film ended they had a brief Q&A w/ the director and María. So as soon as it was over we ran down to meet María. Luckily for us, I ran into a guy I knew from way back from Milwaukee and he was kind enough to take a photo of Rob and I w/ María and Jaime. OMG!!! I still can't believe we got to meet María Rojo!!! We had no idea she was even gonna be there. Of all the nights we could have gone to see a screening of. Someone wanted us to meet her. We didn't get to speak to her that long, but Rob managed to ask her when Danzón was gonna be released on DVD. She said it would be coming out soon in the US (about time). I wish I would have had more time to tell her how much I admire her, but I didn't want to sound like a gushing teenager. Anyway I just wanted to share my geeky story w/ you all. As for the movie itself. Wow! It was shot digitally, and the performances were top notch, especially María. Very highly recommended.

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Apart from our excitement of last night, I went to Milwaukee on Friday night to visit my Mom and go out w/ my cousins to Bryants. It was a good time, and me and my Mom got to spend some time together. She brought me back a ton of new CDs from Mexico. I'll post about them later. Let me say the new Fobia cd f*cken rocks!

I know I rarely post on the weekends, let alone from home, so I will bid you all farewell for now. I have to be a chacha today and clean this house!!! Plus I have some work to do for tomorrow as well. Take care everyone!!!


Rata de dos patas said...

Hey Bomi!
That's so funny about Maria and Jaime!!.. Im a huge fan of both (did you ever watch "maria de mi corazon?") and I have a Maria Rojo moment too!. (I ran into her when I went to the bathroom while at the Salon Mexico play in Mexico city). But I also have to say this: I recently rented "El Misterio de los Almendros" and its a piece of crap!...
Anyway, nice to read you again..

Take Care

Gustavo said...

Maria Rojo is my pretend relative :)

espelina said...

I am so jealous!!! You met Maria Rojo?!?!!!! And the worse thing is that I wanted to see that movie and I missed my chance, its not screening anymore. :-(

espelina said...

ALSO, maybe you can do a Fobia review? Or any cd really, tienes tan buen gusto...I like to read about what you're listening to.

Santiago said...

wow!!! i have never heard another fobia fan. what new album? i thought their last album was Amor Chiquito. so excited!!!