Monday, January 30, 2006

Sayin' Sorry

This past Saturday I saw Ely Guerra live for the umpteenth time. It was a free show @ the Congress Theatre and what a show. She did an acoustic show and was amazing as always. The opening acts were ok, but I guess I can't complain as the show was free. The first was pseudo goth rock en español band from Joliet (or as Tyra Banks says Juliet) named Crather (prounced like father). The second was Miguel Inzunza whom I understand was spawned from Mexico's version of Operación Triunfo. He was at least entertaining, unlike the first act whose lead singer didn't even open his eyes when he sang. While I enjoyed the show immensely (especially the drunk lesbian next to us), there was this annoying broad who kept screaming Eres mi venus. The couple next to me was equally annoyed and finally I was like No mames ya callate and she called me a fresa. ¡Uff! O sea...

Anyhoo...I took a bunch of pics at the show and this is my favorite.

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So I discovered this website called via Steven's blog. It's like my new favorite toy! I even uploaded some vids to share. To my delight someone posted a bunch a freestyle videos. know I love me some freestyle. So over the last year since I discovered Denise Lopez thanks to my Sista M's bootleg DVD compilation he won on ebay, I have listened to her Top 40 smash Sayin' Sorry (Don't Make It Right) over 65 times on my ipod! In less than a year! Why didn't I discover this bitch early? Holy shit, she is so loud and nasaly I love it! I just wanted to share her video w/ you all and you can also drool over a young Carlos Gómez whom I drooled over in a post last year. Enjoy!

Hope everyone is doing well. I had my review today and it went sooooooooo well! I'm elated! Tootles!


espelina said...

I'm obsessed with youtube!
I missed my 2nd Ely concert in a row...

Chicago_Sexbox said...

Is the title of your post today in honor of the Queen Of Pop's upcoming single? :)=

Anyhoo, I love youtube. I was just watchign some rare Donna Summer performances. I need to figure out how to save those movies on my harddrive.

bomitoni said...

Rob has a link to save them. Ask him for it. And no that was no Marrana reference. Please, there's no room for her on my high horse.