Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Big Boobs

This past Sunday I celebrated my belated bday outing w/ some friends that couldn't make the first outing. As my boo boo already pointed out, they were so relevant that they had to have an outing where they could attend. Of course that include my Milwaukee Sister, Alethya, Jorge and Emily. What a blast we had. We started the night off w/ a sangría buzz from our dinner @ Café Ibérico where a few coworkers had joined us. From there it was on to Roscoe's. See Sunday is my favorite night to go to Roscoe's. Sunday they have the fierce DJ Bobby who plays tons of late 80s/early 90s trashy dance/pop/r&b (and you know that means tons of freestyle!!). We screamed and sang along to the likes of Vanessa Williams, Exposé, Pebbles, Tiffany, Cyndi Lauper, Corina, Michel'le and so much more! It was so fun. Not to mention that we got wasted on 4-5 pitchers of long island ice tea!!! Oh no!!! It was just too much fun. After @ the Pie Hole I drunk dialed I don't know how many people. I did get verification from the following: Tracy, William, Mari, Meiver, Carrie & Glennys! Someone get the phone away from me! One of my drunken calls even was the topic of a blog entry :) I feel honored.

I took Monday off but believe it or not I was not hungover! We started drinking Sunday around 4pm that by the time I was too wasted to stand anymore it was almost 11pm. So I went home, we knocked out and actually woke up early and ran a bunch of errands. It was so nice to actually spend a whole day w/ my boo boo. We even took Chus to the dog park but he really doesn't like it. He gets too intimidated by the bigger dogs. I had to rescue him yesterday from a doggie bombard!

For some odd reason this past week I have gotten so into watching series on DVD. I've been catching some Degrassi Junior High here and there. But there were two shows I could not stop watching!

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First being the now defunct Life As We Know It. It was from the producers of Freaks & Geeks and was really good. Plus I think I now have a crush on the main hearthrob, Sean Farris.

The other show I am hooked on is the telenovela CLASE 406 which was done by the same producer as Rebelde. It was pretty obvious as half the cast of 406 ended up on Rebelde.

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Plus Jorge Poza is in it and I've had a crush on him since I saw Segundo Aire. It's one of those shortened DVDs that Televisa does, but I adore because they cut out all the non important scenes. It's so good (a million times better than Rebelde might I add)! I have a disc and a half to get through still. Don't anyone ruin it for me either.

Speaking of ruining, Patty, no more talking about Alborada! You're ahead of us so don't tell me anything! GOL!

I must get going as I have lots to do here at work since I was out yesterday. Hope everyone has a lovely week!


MatadorMexicano said...

how i loved the gay bashing juancho in clase 406! ive loved him ever since then! hes the real reason why i watch rebelde <3

is it out in the us yet? i should check it out!

Chicago_Sexbox said...

I need to get this because I never finished watching Clase 406! I had a major crush on Kike....yum!

PS, I had a blast on Sunday of course!

bomitoni said...

Sista M, I can let u borrow it when I'm done watching it. Salvador...it's not out here yet. My mom got it for me when she was in Mexico for xmas.

Vertigos said...

sorry! wont talk about Alborada again! gol! I havent watched it in like 3 days, 'cause I've been working late! :(

MatadorMexicano said...

everyone called me (and still does@!!!!) fercho because i dyed my hair blond, and so did he. i cant live that down, even now that hes on rebelde!

Rata de dos patas said...

Sorry I missed you guys on Sun. I got to circuit around midnight and you where gone!!.. But now that I know you started drinking at 4, I understand. r u going to Ely Guerra this Sat.?


bomitoni said...

rddp: i was too drunk to even walk to circuit from pie hole! yes we will be @ ely guerra on sat. i'll keep an eye out for u!

salvador: u look NOTHING like fercho!!!! he is fuckin' nasty! u are way too adorable to be called that :)