Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Greetings & Salutations

Thanks to everyone for all the birthday wishes :) Had a lovely bday dinner w/ my boo boo. Indian food. Yummy. I could eat it everyday!

Thanks for the gifts too! Rob got me America's Next Top Model - Cycle 1 on DVD! I started watching w/ Cycle 2 so I never saw the original series. How did I watch the whole thing in 1 day? It was great!

So glad Adrianne won. She was by far the best! Plus those HOLY ROLLER broads got on my nerves.

Saturday morning I got a surprise in the mail. Salvador sent me all the way from CA the following...

I was so floored! I've already thanked him a million times over the phone, but now I am doing so publicly! Thanks sweetie! It meant the world to me. Come to Chicago soon!

So Sat. night a group of 10 of us went to eat @ Buca di Beppo. We had fun. The waitress was über bitchy, but nonetheless it was a good time. Thanks to those who made it! I love my gifts btw! After that we headed over to Cocktail for a drink and then to Roscoe's to drink the night away. Freddy made them play Holly Valance for me and I even drunk dialed Salvador & Sista M! It was a nice night out, didn't get too drunk.

I've gotten so behind on Alborada! I have 2 more days to catch up on. While I enjoying watching my man's diva (Daniela Romo--she is fabulous as the evil Doña Juana), my main reason is this:

Image hosted by

Grr! Grr! Grr! Valentino de mi vida....

The more I watch I am starting to find Luis's henchman hot as well. I can't remember his name but that's him shirtless next to Lucero. BTW are her boobs not huge in this novela? Motherhood was good to her!

Image hosted by

This Sunday is my belated birthday get together for those who didn't make it on Saturday. We are heading over to Café Ibérico and then back to Roscoe's for their 80's night! It's gonna be a Freestyle throwdown! I can't wait!

Before I forget Gloria Trevi is going to be performing @ Circuit Thursday, Feb 23!!!! See ya there. Thanks Emilio for the heads up!

Sorry for the lack of udpates. Will work on posting more often! In the words of Choice, PEACE IN YO' MIDDLE CREASE


Chicago_Sexbox said...

That Rupaul doll is fierce. How are you going to get tickets though for Circuit? I think you have tio win them or something.

Oh, and thank god it won;t be Indian food on Sunday! lol

YoNoTePidoLaLuna said...

Ingrato dónde estas, dónde estas, dónde estas.. I want to see Gloria Trevi!

Glad u liked ANTP cycle 1. :) I did good then. And Valentino, grr! But the poor boy doesn't get as much screen time as the other characters. Thank god they got rid of Mariana Garza though, NASTY!

Vertigos said...

Dude, enjoy him while u can (Valentino)...I watch Alborada en el canal de las estrellas, and he gets killed! :( It was sad but he was pissing me off, he cries too much!

Anonymous said...

I want that RuPaul doll. I must have it. I MUST.