Thursday, January 19, 2006

Boners & Crotchas

Remember I kept telling you all about Four Four? Well now I love this guy even more as he's posted a Freestyle Mix for us all to download! He also rounded it out w/ some booty music! Hot! This puts me in a perfect mood for my Sista M Belated Bday throwdown!!

So I remember as a child one of my friends who was a few years older than us told us something rather amusing. This was around the time we were just discovering what boners (erections for all you scholars) were. So she told us that girls get something too. She said that girls get (I am not making this up) CROTCHAS! So tell us gals, do you get crotchas? LOL!

What perverted children we were. In fact we even wrote a song at age 8 (me and my friend Jessica). We were so dirty for such a young age! Check out the lyrics for yourself:

F*ck your momma
F*ck your daddy
F*ck your bald headed granny
If you wanna f*ck you f*ck like this
You grab his balls
He grabs your ass

Unfortunately that's all I can remember. BTW after momma, daddy and bald headed granny stuff you were supposed to insert a guitar riff. LOL!

I just thought I'd share this lovely ditty w/ you all. I must get back to writing my self-review.



YoNoTePidoLaLuna said...

I have a crotcha right now!....oh wait, I just couldn't hold it in...damned coffe and beer, now I pulled a "Fergie"

espelina said...

OMG, que niños! hahahaha, How old were you?

bomitoni said...

we were 8!!! we shouldn't have known such language! catholic school i tell ya.