Thursday, February 02, 2006

Turkish Delight

I am trying to get rid of a cold right now. Ick. The other day I woke up w/ a sore throat and it's since gone away but all that's left is a stuffy nose. Double ick. I think it was walking home in the rain from the Ely Guerra concert the other night.

So I forgot to mention that last week I finished watching the Clase 406 DVD my Mom got for me in Mexico. I really enjoyed this soap. It was equal parts trashy and fun. But what I didn't like is that when the DVD ended it did so very abruptly in fact it left me hanging for more. Literally. As the scene ended it said No te pierdas la 2ª temporada de CLASE 406. Hello! Part 2 isn't even out on DVD yet!? Hong long am I going to have to wait?? Apparently there were 4 temporadas, or seasons or series depending on where you live in the English speaking world. I guess I'll just have to wait. The funny thing about this was that practically the entire cast (w/ a few exceptions) were recycled for Rebelde. Who does Pedro Damian think he is? Pedro Almodóvar? The principal from Rebelde was the wife beater in Clase 406, the secretary was Magdalena's mom, the math teacher was the slutty cheerleader Daniela, etc. I must say though that Dulce María was totally not annoying in this one though. She irks me on Rebelde, her voice is so grating. So hurry up Televisa and release the remaining seasons on DVD already!!!

Enough ranting...a couple years back my boo boo pointed out this cd to me:

Wow! It's über trashy turkish dance music! She can't sing for shit but she's totally trampy and the beats are killing!!! This came out in 2000 so God only knows if she's released a follow up since then, or if she ever will. I'm praying for the latter. Anyhoo as my obsession w/ continues I naturally did a serach on Nez, the skanky Turkish singer I've been ranting about for the past paragraph or so. Lo and behold, look what I found!

Enjoy! I must go as my nose is dripping and it's time for me to take my Nyquil and knock out. Til next time...

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