Wednesday, February 01, 2006

All Night Long

Greetings all. Another site I found to check out is (not to be confused w/ Mexican AC pop group Pandora). Basically you type in an artist or song you like and it will generate a playlist of that artist and similar artists. It's pretty much dead on. Plus I'm discovering some new (or new old acts) in some cases. Check it out!

This is totally not related but am I the only person that thinks urinals are disgusting? I refuse to pee in a urinal unless I absolutely have no other choice. I just find them dirty and smelly, and just plain gross! It doesn't help that I'm pee shy, but I can't bring myself to whip it out in front of a complete stranger. Enough ranting...

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Can we talk about how sad I am that Valentino Lanus was killed off Alborada? I know Patty already ruined it for me, but I wasn't expecting it so soon! Isn't he one of the main stars? Now why continue watching? I mean Fernando Colunga is hot and all, but he's no Valentino. Plus is it me or does he look too chiseled now? None the less I'd still do him. In fact he has me! Not in real life, my first celebrity sex dream was w/ him when I was like 16! How slutty!

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Before I forget happy belated birthday to both Meiver & Matt!

Don't forget that Francis is coming for free to the Congress Theater. They've added a second show so sign up fast! You can do so by clicking here and then filling out the email form. Again it's February 17 & 18! See all you locas there!

So I know I used to post songs here on a regular basis, but since I've discovered, I figure it's oh so much more fun to post videos! Since my twin blogger is obsessed w/ it as well, I'd like to dedicate today's video to her since I know she loves this song so much! So w/ out further ado...THE LOVER WHO ROCKS YOU ALL NIGHT

Yes that's India (about half of her anyway) back when she was a freestyle singer. How I miss those days. I find salsa music to be utterly boring and monotonous. I know her voice was too big/good for the freestyle genre (let's be serious folks, they had some of the worst singers EVER! Lil' Suzy anyone? Johnny O? I can go on for hours here...) but her loud ass was perfect for dance music. Until she stops releasing crappy salsa albums (save her salsa debut which was really good) all we can do is reminisce. Tootles.


espelina said...

Twinny! Thanks so much for this. You cheered me up. Up until just now, I was going to punch one of my co-workers in the face! But I'll watch the video instead. hahaha
Yeah, she's gone downhill recently. Did you see her new album? One word for you: reggeaton

bomitoni said...

eeew....reggeaton....barf! i saw the commercial for her new album. u know i am still gonna buy it. i don't know why i bother anymore. oh well. glad the video cheered you up! let's do lunch!

Chicago_Sexbox said...

geez, even I gave up on India. When I was in Puerto Rico last year advertisements for that Greatest Hits cd was all over the place going on and on about the new reggaeton remixes. barf indeed!

As for urinals, I am still a bit pee shy, but I force myself to use them simply because of the convenience. i agree though, they are gross, but aren't all public bathrooms nasty?

Anonymous said...

Fine guys always get killed on novelas! IT sucks.