Saturday, February 25, 2006

Me parece perfecto

I have been so friggin' busy at work all week that I've had hardly anytime to post here on my blog. Sorry. I know my posts are becoming less frequent. I guess I have to face reality and get used to the fact that I am going to have to start blogging from home. It's just I like to do it at work, because it's a nice distraction from the day. Anyhoo...

Last Saturday we went to see Francis (or as my Milwaukee Sister would say that tranny) @ the Congress.

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Let me just be blunt and say I was expecting a whole lot more. Whenver I hear about his (or is it her?) shows they always go on and about how extravegant they are. Well there were no dancers, no lavish costumes, just one drag queen, a Juan Gabriel impersonator (who did not need to perform 3 times) and Francis inbetween telling dirty jokes and swearing a lot. How much should I really complain? It was free!

The best part though was some friends from mootown came to visit and hang out. We had a nice dinner at Dunley's in Logan Square and after the show we ended up @ Side Track where we met up w/ Sista M, Jorgillo, etc. It was fun but that entire weekend it was colder than a witche's tit! WTF!?!?!

So I have to tell you all that someone has finally come out of hiding...yes peeps...Astrompeta has finally updated his blog! Jesus Christ! It's about time. I've missed his poking fun @ celebrities en español.

I haven't shared a video w/ you in a while, so I found a good one today! In the early 90s I was so in awe of this group that my Grandfather would ask me ¿Por qué te gustan ésos jotos?

Oh Grandpa, if you only knew. How I miss Locomía :( Especially Francesc Picacs. Francesc. Sigh.

BTW we didn't end up seeing Gloria Trevi. Oh well. Maybe next time.


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