Tuesday, October 12, 2004


Last night we watched a bootleg DVD of the Mexican film Ladies' Night. It was good. There were some funny moments, the soundtrack is hot, and I was so pleased w/ the quality. Not bad for a purchase from the Mega Mall. But the whole point of my post today is to talk about a new singer. Her name is Zayra Alvarez. She is a young singer/songwriter from Puerto Rico. I am a sucker for female singer-songwriters, so I had to have this. Her debut album is entitled Ruleta and is quite good. I am really digging her voice. At times she reminds me of Laura Pausini (though at times I hear influences of Shakira and even Ely Guerra). Back to the album it is a solid pop/rock effort and is very addictive. Gotta love itunes. Seriously, I use it to preview albums on the spot. I don't really buy anything because I am a collector and I have to have the physical cd. I can't just settle for a download. So if you're looking for something new, check her out.


G. Carolina said...

Babe! Wasopa? How was Ladie's night? I read a little bit about it cause the main character in Gitanas, Ana de la Reguera,is in it. Zayra...I'll make a note for future purchases. TTYL

espelina said...

I looked at her site, and I liked what I saw/heard. Thanks for the recommendation!

bomitoni said...

Glennys...LADIES' NIGHT was good. Out 1-10, I'd give it a 7. Espelina....you're welcome for the recommendation! Hope you like it! You too Glennys!