Monday, June 07, 2004

cars, moenia, etc.

Well we finally had to put Lupita la Trailera to rest. After much love and abuse, my old 1996 Ford Taurus has gone on. Now we have a brand new '04 Toyota Rav4! Woo hoo! Fierce! We picked her up in Milwaukee on Saturday morning.

So we went to see moenia last night @ the House of Blues here in Chicago. Great show. They gave a really cool show. We had a blast. But the best part was the opening act. La Quinta Cuadra, a local rock/pop band from Chicago. Never heard them before...but the lead singer. My God was he hot! He comes out and we're like "oooh he's hot". Then we all look down and see the biggest package! Lol! Nice booty too :) You know we'll all be @ their next show.

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