Tuesday, June 29, 2004

we came. we drank. we passed out.

so another pride has come and gone. of course we had a blast. i leave you w/ some drunken moments. mostly of my friend eddie and i plastered trying to sing and dance along to the cover girls's show me @ roscoe's. the first is of the notorious milwaukee sisters

we drank tequila and hawaiian punch; blue motherf*ckers, long island, wine coolers, and god knows what else. below is another pic to share. left to right is me, my boyfriend rob, eddie and our friend freddy.

as you can tell it was a time to be had for all. we lost some people along the way (garrota!!!), even eddie. he was indeed alive. lol. next year i don't even want to bother watching the parade, is there really any point? just take me to the nearest bar!

1 comment:

Bellyflutters said...

!!!que lindos!!!!
y que mezcla de alcohol tan desconsideradamente torturosa!! lolol
Looks like u had a blast...
When is Madonna for you again?
I'm going on Thu!! And what's this w/ the name change???
We haven't talked about that yet, huh... Esther? Couldn't she pick an uglier name!?
Nepomucena, Anacleta, Ramoncia, Hermignola, Turpana hubieran estado - por lo menos, mas interesantes - don't you think???
If you are born w/ a fabulous name (and I can, of course, relate *wink*) - WHY CHANGE IT!?!