Monday, June 21, 2004

desperately seeking new employment...

5 years. Too long. One job for 5 years. I need to find something else. I am so bored. 5 years (this August) I moved to Chicago and started working @ the ad agency. It's become mundane and beyond boring. Crappy pay, blah blah. What else can I complain about? Seriously I need a change and fast! Maybe I need to get out of Chicago; not sure. My BF keeps talking about Seattle, WA. Maybe?, etc. here I come! Anyone know of any good art director positions let me know!

Enough ranting. Had a great weekend. Went to mootown (Milwaukee, WI) and house sat for the rents. Best of all we dog sat for my old college roomie. Shakespeare was a doll and just seeing how happy Rob's face was, can't explain. Makes me want to terminate our lease and just get a dog already! Sat. was a baby shower for my good friend Bertha :) It was a "gay baby shower" as it was mostly gay boys and few straight girls (and the 2 lesbians!). It was too much fun. Pictures to come. Let me get back to the boredom I call my job.

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