Wednesday, June 23, 2004

"If there's one thing you're sure about. Let it be the time, you spent with me..."

Ask yourself this question. When's the last time you heard a singer that just left you in awe? As anyone who knows me probably can attest to, I have my fare share of faves (mostly trashy female singers, preferably peaking in popularity in the late 80s and/or early 90s). Earlier this year while at my parents business I saw a video for this singer Elan on Telehit called "Midnight". Telehit is a cable channel from México. She kinda looked like Ludwika Paleta (the annoying Mexican soap actress) and kinda sounded like Hanson. Then the hubby and I started hearing more about her. Downloaded some tracks and were hooked. After looking up some more info on her I found out she was indeed Mexican, from Guadalajara to be exact. She has been living in the US since age 15, and felt the only way to get her voice heard was to sing in the universal language, English. So I went on ebay, bought the Mexican import (it has also been released in Australia) of her debut album Street Child and have not put it down since. I can not begin to tell you all how amazing this girl is.

I can not stop listening to this album! It is quickly becoming one of my faves. Her voice is simple, no over singing a la Christina Aguilera/Kelly Clarkson/Joss Stone here. Just emotion, honesty, soul and passion all coming out of this woman's mouth. The music is at times dark and moody, yet it is so simple and elegant. I honestly can not say that any other album released in the last couple of years has sucked me in like this. I listen to this at least once a day. Never do I get sick of it. Every song is amazing, but I must say my favorite is The Road.

She wrote all the lyrics and music on every track. Each song was done in one take. If she didn't get it in one take, it didn't make it on the album. The album was produced by her brother and features ex-GNR Slash on the title track. It's so rare that an artist comes along w/ such an amazing debut where you can honestly sit through every song in awe. I just hope that she gets a US release soon, as I'd love to see her live. In fact I must see her live. For now I can imagine via this picture.

Do yourselves all a favor. Get this cd if you have not! I know it's only available as an import right now but it is so worth it. You can find it cheap on or get it at To learn more about Elan and to hear samples of her debut please visit her official website. You'll thank me later. She's gonna be one to watch.

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Bellyflutters said...

extraño - she looks like a blanquita.
you know u don't have to twist my arm when it comes to music... tx for the recommendation...