Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Robi Dräco Rosa, Madonna, etc.

So Monday my friend from work invited me to go see Robi Dräco Rosa @ the Double Door. I had a few of his rock en español cd's from back in the day. He's touring to promote his latest release Mad Love. Let me just say that apart from putting on an awesome show, he has to be one of the hottest men alive. OMG he is gorgeous!!! We got to meet him at a meet and great afterwards, just waiting for Ms. Diaz to give me the pic and I will post for all to see :)

My other news is that...the Madonna tickets arrived today via FedEx! In honor of them arriving I think I will listen to some Madonna on my ipod ('Til Death Do Us Part anyone?). If you haven't noticed whenever I report the updates on our tickets all the pics tend to be brunette shots. I know this may sound weird but I only like her when she's a brunette. My fandom tends to go up. Even though she's a blond again, but let's just pretend. Ok?

Also I'm trying to lose weight again :( Since being w/ my parnter I gained back weight I had previously lost (pretty much all). So Gazelle here I come! I can do it; I did it once before I can do it again! Wish me luck.

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