Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Fantasy 5

Remember that episode of Friends where Ross got to pick his top 5 celebs he could sleep with? Here's how it works: you're in a relationship but if one of your 5 came along it's ok to sleep with them. The other day this topic came up, so I figured I'd share my picks with you. Pictured left to right (in no order): Alejandro Fernández; Colin Farrell; Jaime Camil; Javier Bardem & Alex Dimitriades.


Bellyflutters said...

I guess I have to think about my list - I know Brad & Johnny will be on it - but since it's only 5 (why only 5!?!) - I guess I'd have to be really picky about the other 3... But I def. like your picks!

Anonymous said...

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