Monday, July 18, 2005

Japanese Noodles

I so didn't mean to not write for over a week! Work was so busy and I was constantly having to go to meetings, and reviews, blah blah. So I had no time to actually write! Which is something that believe it or not keeps me sane at work.

Unfortunately work has occupied most of my time so not much has happened. Though I did get my DVD copy of TEEN WITCH. I had to end up buying it at BEST BUY because TOWER did not get any!?! It was a blast. TWIN BLOGGER, we have to reschedule our viewing party :)

Friday night I went out w/ my friend from work EMILY and we had a blast! We finally found some mojitos at Café Bolero on Western Ave. Holy strong! They were great!

The entire weekend I tried to stay in because I HATE SUMMER! I hate it 'cause it's hot, sticky, humid, gross, sweaty, people are outside, sweltering, eeeeew!!!! I guess my hatred for summer was further fueled this morning because their was no air again. WTF? It was packed and by the time I got to work I was drenched in sweat. Eeew!

Anyhoo, Saturday night we ended up going to Club 94 in Kenowhere, WI w/ my MILWAUKEE SISTER to meet up w/ an old Milwaukee fag-hag, JUICY LUCY. I don't think I had seen her since I moved to Chicago! 6 years! She was still same old crazy Lucy, it was fun. Eddie's friend is the DJ there and he played Just Wanna Dance by LA TOYA JACKSON! It was a hoot! Needless to say the people in Kenosha are still homely if you will. LOL!

So Sunday I basically spent the majority of the afternoon running around doing some errands. ROB suggested I make a Thai dish for dinner. I hadn't made it ages, and was totally up for it! Well...I went to Cub Foods and pretty much found all the ingredients...almost. Cub Foods does not have an Asian Food Section. WTF!? So I went to Dominick's. They did. But they did not carry JAPANESE NOODLES! Nor did the 2 other stores I went to! What are there not Asian people on the north side?? When I lived in Shitport I never had problems finding my Japanese noodles! Where can a boy get some Japanese noodles in the Logan Square area??

Image hosted by

I was bored the other day and took this screenshot of my desktop at work! LOL! So I am almost done w/ the Rubi DVD. I am on the third DVD side 1. OMG it's so good!

I was gonna write some more but I have to go to a meeting. Hope you are all well.



Vertigos said...


Wassup! I'm so sick it's not even funny! I was out of work all week last week, and thought i was better today, and had to come home too!! :(

I was watching Rebelde the other day and thought of u! gol....those skirts are really short! lol

cindylu said...

I don't like summer much either. In order to be comfortable, I need to show too much skin, and I'm not too cool with that.

MatadorMexicano said...

try living in so cal in the middle of this heat!!!!! WOW! its 100+ here.

and rubi!!!! what part are you on?! that girl is yummmmmmmmmmmmmm!

and whats going on in rebelde, i havent seen iit in ages.

Chicago_Sexbox said...

oooh yes! The La Toya Jackson song made up for all of the scary lesbians and ugly homo's! lol

Anonymous said...

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